Price of agricultural commodities in Bangkok

Retail price of Meat

1.Pig part, loin, tenderloin145 - 150Baht / kg.
2.Pig part, loin, sirloin145 - 150Baht / kg.
3.Pig part, pork, hips140 - 145Baht / kg.
4.Pig part, pork, shoulder140 - 145Baht / kg.
5.Pig part, streaky pork145 - 150Baht / kg.
6.Pig part, solid lard 55 - 60Baht / kg.
7.Pig part, lard portion40 - 45Baht / kg.
8.Pig part, soft fatty tissue30 - 35Baht / kg.
9.Wholly fresh chicken (include entails)60 - 65Baht / Animals
10.Wholly fresh chicken (without entails)65 - 70Baht / Animals
11.Chicken part, fillet70 - 75Baht / kg.
12.Chicken part, chicken breast debone65 - 70Baht / kg.
13.Chicken part, thigh, drumstick65 - 70Baht / kg.
14.Chicken part, whole chicken wing85 - 90Baht / kg.
15.Chicken part, chicken wing, wing stick70 - 75Baht / kg.
16.Chicken part, chicken entrails60 - 65Baht / kg.
17.Chicken part, chicken skin40 - 45Baht / kg.
18.Chicken part, hard tail scads, chicken leg, chicken foot75 - 80Baht / kg.
19.Chicken part, chicken skeleton25 - 30Baht / kg.
20.Duck egg, big size4.1 - 4.2Baht / Egg
21.Duck egg, medium size3.8 - 3.9Baht / Egg
22.Duck egg, small size3.6 - 3.7Baht / Egg
23.Duck salted egg, big size5 - 6Baht / Egg
24.Duck salted egg, medium size4.5 - 5Baht / Egg
25.Egg No.03.8 - 3.9Baht / Egg
26.Egg No.13.5 - 3.6Baht / Egg
27.Egg No.23.1 - 3.2Baht / Egg
28.Egg No.33 - 3.1Baht / Egg
29.Egg No.42.7 - 2.8Baht / Egg
30.Egg No.52.6 - 2.7Baht / Egg
31.Beef, ordinary230 - 250Baht / kg.
32.Beef, sirloin, hips230 - 270Baht / kg.
33.Beef, tenderloin300 - 400Baht / kg.
34.Buff, ordinary - Baht / kg.
35.Buff, sirloin, hips - Baht / kg.
36.Buff, tenderloin - Baht / kg.
37.Pig part, pork, hips (without Customize)130 - 135Baht / kg.
38.Pig part, pork, shoulder (without Customize)130 - 135Baht / kg.
39. - Baht / kg.
40. - Baht / kg.
41. - Baht / kg.
42.200 - 230Baht / kg.
43.210 - 230Baht / kg.

Wholesale price of Meat

1.Pig part, loin, tenderloin138 - 140Baht / kg.
2.Pig part, loin, sirloin134 - 136Baht / kg.
3.130 - 132Baht / kg.
4.Pig part, pork, shoulder128 - 130Baht / kg.
5.Pig part, streaky pork134 - 136Baht / kg.

Wholesale price of Fresh vegetable

1.Chinese broccoli15 - 20Baht / kg.
2.Chinese morning glory20 - 25Baht / kg.
3.Cabbage10 - 12Baht / kg.
4.Cucumber15 - 20Baht / kg.
5.Coriander60 - 70Baht / kg.

Home / Center of Complaint Hotline 1569

Center of Complaint Hotline 1569

Center for Goods Price Complaint for:

Not labeling tag price of goods and services

Unfair to buy goods and services

Deceit on government rice pledge scheme

Please inform via hot line 1569 Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Provincial Internal Trade Office in every province.


      Department of Internal Trade set up the center for goods price complaint hot line 1569 to providing service and facility to the people to tell a problem, requesting for information, requesting for consult and advice as well as give a comment or suggest of performance.


  • Acquiring a complaint of the people who was disadvantage or got a trouble relating exceed price buying, not label tag price, shortage of quantity, hoard of goods, not exactly measurement and trade unfairness.
  • Giving a consulting and advising on all matters.
  • Giving information relating to pledge of agricultural goods.
  • Inspecting matter of fact accordance with complaint, solving and reduce trouble and unsatisfied, satisfied of the people, in case meet a committed an offence handle by law.
  • Report performance to a complainer.
  • Questionnaire of satisfaction and evaluation for development of service.

Channel of complaint

  • Call the  hot line # 1569 nationwide
  • Direct line: +66 2547 5356, +66 2547 5358
  • Direct complaint at the Center for Goods Price Complaint, Inspecting & Operating Division, Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce No. 44/100 Nonthburi Road 1, Bangkasor Sub-district, Muang District, Nonthburi Province.
  • Regional complaint at Provincial Internal Trade Office of every Province.
  • Website:, E-mail:
  • P.O. box 156 Nonthburi Province Post Office 11000

Working hours

Regular working days:  08.30 a.m. - 20.00 p.m., consecutive working hours including lunch time

Saturdays: 08.30 a.m.-16.00 p.m., consecutive working hours including lunch time

Besides those working hours, we also have a leave-message service. Our officers will listen to your message and call you back later.

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