Price of agricultural commodities in Bangkok

Retail price of Meat

1.Pig part, loin, tenderloin145 - 150Baht / kg.
2.Pig part, loin, sirloin145 - 150Baht / kg.
3.Pig part, pork, hips140 - 145Baht / kg.
4.Pig part, pork, shoulder140 - 145Baht / kg.
5.Pig part, streaky pork145 - 150Baht / kg.
6.Pig part, solid lard 55 - 60Baht / kg.
7.Pig part, lard portion40 - 45Baht / kg.
8.Pig part, soft fatty tissue30 - 35Baht / kg.
9.Wholly fresh chicken (include entails)60 - 65Baht / Animals
10.Wholly fresh chicken (without entails)65 - 70Baht / Animals
11.Chicken part, fillet70 - 75Baht / kg.
12.Chicken part, chicken breast debone65 - 70Baht / kg.
13.Chicken part, thigh, drumstick65 - 70Baht / kg.
14.Chicken part, whole chicken wing85 - 90Baht / kg.
15.Chicken part, chicken wing, wing stick70 - 75Baht / kg.
16.Chicken part, chicken entrails60 - 65Baht / kg.
17.Chicken part, chicken skin40 - 45Baht / kg.
18.Chicken part, hard tail scads, chicken leg, chicken foot75 - 80Baht / kg.
19.Chicken part, chicken skeleton25 - 30Baht / kg.
20.Duck egg, big size4.1 - 4.2Baht / Egg
21.Duck egg, medium size3.8 - 3.9Baht / Egg
22.Duck egg, small size3.6 - 3.7Baht / Egg
23.Duck salted egg, big size5 - 6Baht / Egg
24.Duck salted egg, medium size4.5 - 5Baht / Egg
25.Egg No.03.8 - 3.9Baht / Egg
26.Egg No.13.5 - 3.6Baht / Egg
27.Egg No.23.1 - 3.2Baht / Egg
28.Egg No.33 - 3.1Baht / Egg
29.Egg No.42.7 - 2.8Baht / Egg
30.Egg No.52.6 - 2.7Baht / Egg
31.Beef, ordinary230 - 250Baht / kg.
32.Beef, sirloin, hips230 - 270Baht / kg.
33.Beef, tenderloin300 - 400Baht / kg.
34.Buff, ordinary - Baht / kg.
35.Buff, sirloin, hips - Baht / kg.
36.Buff, tenderloin - Baht / kg.
37.Pig part, pork, hips (without Customize)130 - 135Baht / kg.
38.Pig part, pork, shoulder (without Customize)130 - 135Baht / kg.
39. - Baht / kg.
40. - Baht / kg.
41. - Baht / kg.
42.200 - 230Baht / kg.
43.210 - 230Baht / kg.

Wholesale price of Meat

1.Pig part, loin, tenderloin138 - 140Baht / kg.
2.Pig part, loin, sirloin134 - 136Baht / kg.
3.130 - 132Baht / kg.
4.Pig part, pork, shoulder128 - 130Baht / kg.
5.Pig part, streaky pork134 - 136Baht / kg.

Wholesale price of Fresh vegetable

1.Chinese broccoli15 - 20Baht / kg.
2.Chinese morning glory20 - 25Baht / kg.
3.Cabbage10 - 12Baht / kg.
4.Cucumber15 - 20Baht / kg.
5.Coriander60 - 70Baht / kg.

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1. To implement the tasks according to

  1. the Price of Goods and Services Act,
  2. the Business Competition Act,
  3. the Agricultural futures Trading Act,
  4. the Commodity Control Act,
  5. the Rice trading Act,
  6. the Rice Survey and prohibition of Rice over Stocking Act,
  7. the Act on Control of Consumable Goods and Other Articles in the State of Emergency,
  8. the Act on Legal Metrology,
  9. the laws concerning with control on Business of Public Warehouses of other similar businesses and relevant Acts.

2. To set up, coordinate and work out the overall plans according to the policies and master plans of the Ministry or Commerce including stimulate,

  1. follow up and evaluate the performance of plans,
  2. collecting data and statistic and developing of domestic information system.

3. To manage, promote and develop, based on fair trade regime, domestic trade, marketing and markets.

4. To regulate and promote trade system in order to maintain price stabilization of agricultural products.

5. To promote fair trade competition, and control monopoly in the business economics.

6. To administrate fair trade system of price and quantity of goods and also promote and develop the roles of consumers in order to protect their ows right.

7. To manage and develop legal metrology.

8. To regulate trade and marketing and also monitor and control business engaging.

9. To develop laws. Regulations and implement trading measures in order to promote domestic fair trade.

10. To fulfill other tasks which have been empowered by the laws or assigned by the ministry of cabinet to be the authorities of the department


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