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Consumer care

Department of Internal Trade look after and care consumers


Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce has a mission to development & promotion of marketing to efficiency and regulatory on trade in goods and services for trade fairness include supporting role of people, consumers to monitor goods price and unfair trade behavior to protect right & benefit of itself.

Observation of scale beam to preserved consumers right

Suggestion to observation of goods weight with double face spring of scale beam

  • Scale beam must lay on smooth floor none slop
  • A tongue to indicate of goods weight always begin at (0)
  • Should not buy goods from the seller who used scale beam made from plastic
  • Scale beam affixed Red Garuda in front of face means passed verification from official


Label tag price the buyer relax, the seller convenience

Benefit of the buyer

  • Not lost the time to enquiry of price
  • Able to compare the goods price
  • Convenience to decide to buy quickly

Benefit of the seller

  • Not memory the goods price
  • Increase of comfortable to sale express faithfully to sale, reduce price bargaining
  • Created creditability to the customers


Punishment for Unfair Trade

  • Not label tag price, pay fine not exceed 10,000 baht
  • Use inaccurate or not exactly scale beam, be imprisonment not exceed 6 months or pay fine not exceed 20,000 baht or both
  • Hoard of goods, denied to sale controlling goods, be imprisonment not exceed 7 years or pay fine not exceed 140,000 baht or both


Sending a Complaint to:

            Hot line of Department of Internal Trade :1569


E-mail:  and every Provincial Internal Trade Offices.


Joining the network of Department of Internal Trade

            Any consumers can participate in the network of Department of Internal Trade to monitor trade entrepreneur on goods, service prices as well as trade behavior such as label tag prices, using accurate and exactly scale beam etc.

            If you find it is an offence such as unfair trade behavior, please call our Hot Line number at 1569, Department of Internal Trade.

Benefits from Being a Networking Participant

  • Protect right of yourself to buy goods and services without taking advantages from the sellers, entrepreneurs in order to maintain the business ethics
  •  right & benefit of the consumers and all information of Department of Internal Trade.
  • Cooperated to trade fairness, being ally to monitor goods price, service fee as well as unfair trade behavior.

Exchange of knowledge, information, comment and suggestion on unfair trade

Department of Internal Trade

44/100 Nonthburi 1 Road, Bangkasor Sub-district, Muang District, Nonthburi Province 11000, Tel. 02507 6111, Facsimile 02547 5376


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