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 To order weights and measurement tools into Thailand, before leaving customs, it needs to submit the request at the Department of Weights and Measures in order to grant the certificate in the following given:

1)   Form ชว.1 The request of allowance to leave weights and measurement tools from the customs which contains of

          -    Invoice

          -    Bill of loading or Air parcel post

          -    Identification card (general person) or certificate with indicate the objectives belonging company and not exceed 1 year and the copy of identification card of administrative (official person) or certificate in business operation (non-Thai resident) or passport (non-Thai resident)

          -    Photocopy or catalogs of weights and measurement tools

          -    Copy of factory certificate (in case of self-use) or certificate of business operation in weights and measurement tools importer

2)   Certificate of Authority (in case of assignment) with tax stamp (10 baht for a time or 30baht for a year) and copy of identification card of both authorizer and authorizee.

           After leaving customs, the measurement tool must be examined and verified within 30 days (a case of commercial) or examined without verified (a case of exempted following the announcement of Ministry of Commerce titled in Weights and Measures (no. 2) B.E. 2547 or it will be used in science, industry, education or household).

Procedures and Duration of Allowance to Leave Weights and Measurement tools from Customs

New Procedures and Duration

 -    Submit request

 -    Receive a form / Documentary Checking

 -    Issue allowance form

 -    Department Principal consider request

 -    Official Principal leaves permission

 -    Inform back to requester

The total 3 procedures for one-stop service take 30 minutes. 

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