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  5. Organic

             Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

The organic agriculture principles of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) involve four elements:

  • Health

Organic farming makes soil fertility staph plants grow healthy herbivores, made completely free of toxins. As a result, consumers with good health.

  • Ecology

Organic farming, soil, plants, animals will need to support each other through the use of renewable organic matter in most farms also involved the production, processing, marketing and consumption. To protect the environment.

  •  Fairness

Organic farming must be considered. The relationship of farmers Entrepreneurs privatization Distribution and consumer access equally. The trade fair Respect for the right of existence in the world for the quality of life of all life.

  • Care

Those involved must have a good sense of production. No risk of damaging the ecosystem. And quality of life for all Understanding the ecological agricultural nature of the food chain. Do not use any chemicals, hormones and genetically engineered plants or animals.


Organic agriculture standards

Compulsory organic agriculture standards include state and national regulations imposed on organic products imported into such territories as



 EEC 834/2007                        JAS                               NOP                Canada Organic Standard

Non-compulsory ones are those established by the private sector such as


 Soil Assocation                   Bio Suisse                          Naturland                          BIO


CBs – Certification Bodies :


 IFOAM Accredited                             Codex

There are about 30 private organizations accredited organizations in many countries have been accredited by IFOAM. Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) is an IFOAM accredited certification body in Thailand.


Certification bodies for other popular standards :



     Bioagricert Italy                          BCS  Germany                      ECO CERT France

Thailand’s agricultural product standards are managed by The National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) as the AB and the relevant departments as the CB. Nevertheless, imported and products of local origin in Thailand are not required to be certified by such standards. Other regional and provincial standards exist under the care of other agencies.


Ministry of Commerce to promote the organic products.

Ministry of Commerce support of Thailand organic products to market both nationally and internationally . The push the privatization of organic products to add value by three types

  •  The Groups Food develop a privatization the food more appetizing mixed blessing.
  • The Groups Non-Food such as organic cotton the which operated the new projects, according to the Rajdamri states by encouraging the expansion and modification of the production of organic With the privatization of the French the swab or cloth the organic cotton and connect purchase.
  • Eurozone Services the support services sector was the spa beauty business. The only way (Green Shop) hotels and restaurants. Accelerate the promotion of certified organic  the same system and universal.

Ministry of Commerce support and promote the distribution of organic products. In particular, the group whom domestic consumers recognize and understand the identity of the organic products. And recognition of organic products Thailand under logo "Organic Thai Products".


The Ministry of Commerce promote and support the production. Organic based Organic Plus, with additional features of its organic, such of goods the organic that can monitor a reverse (Organic + Fair Trade), product the organic at the producers and operators maintain a clear mind environmental environment. Together to production and operations throughout the chain supply (Organic + Social Welfare), the only area of ??operations in accordance with organic (Organic Island) Koh Phangan Island organic the regard by the Ministry of Commerce has targeted to Thailand to enter of the ASEAN Organic Hub.

Operating the promotion of markets for organic Ministry of Commerce.

  • To create the network a group of people whom production. The organic products and partners.  
  • To create the value goods and organic products under the marketable.

  • Development of the marketing of organic products.

  • Support the information on the marketing insights. The preparation of the sites operating the center information marketing products organic (Organic Marketing Intelligence Center)
  •  Support the creation that facilitate trade between. By optimizing the organic the logistics of to improve logistics and reduce the cost of operators.

  • The development of a group Business organic (Organic Business Community) to include organic products be included in same source to organic business community has a strong understanding more and stimulate the consumption of goods. In organic by supporting the group business in both organic. At Farm, In Town and On Web
  •   Expanding markets for organic the both local and foreign such as the Organic and Natural Expo Center at Sirikit National Convention of People work at the Ministry of Commerce organic. Access These new works exhibition than in foreign countries such as the Biofach (Germany) Natural Products Expo West (US) Natural & Organic Products Europe (the UK) and the during the promotion. Sales for the department stores and the leading in the country, such as Whole Foods (UK) Harrods (UK) Metro (Germany) and Kauhauf (Germany).

Organic Product Overview Thailand

Public and private, Thailand started to wake up to. Development of agricultural products Thailand the quality and reduce the amount of drop not to exceed the requirements of the country of import. Including expanding production and. To exports of organic. The production of organic of Thailand blackburn the production of the two types.

1. Organic by native

Production for household consumption as the main and is in full production, some of the sold in the local market, which are currently being gathered by the Association the smoke. Organic Thailand to raise the standard is Organic ground the new the recognized equivalent to the international standards.

2. Organic commercial

         The production to the distribution through the market system which requires certification standards. On par with international standards However output can be sold off to the in the countries with the production of organic Thailand has amounted Limited. the operators and the major manufacturing The Network the organic work. The collaboration with cooperatives Green Net Limited and Net Foundation sheet of clay. accounted for approximately 55.9 percent of farmers the production of organic. And the area of ??organic farming accounted for 24.1 percent part of the agricultural area. The total organic However, the currently undertaking large agribusiness enterprises. Play a role in the production of organic more to the distribution the domestic and export. Due to the increased demand.

         The organic crop production majority of Thailands is also the basis of such goods b of the fruit and vegetable distribution the post of privatization. The product also has less. The ingredients were not very. The current output sold move into market is not than 6000 tons Pop goods the organic the Thailand production consumption in the of 50 and d. 50 percent off the market in organic is also the market of producing mechanical that is, the production of organic still amounted to less. The production can be authorized prescription market the ? Messaging organisms. Output prices also tend the higher the price the General approximately 20-50 percent because the yield is lower than area of ??agricultural chemicals used. cause a low production volume. Than the needs marketable Also, organic be be secured in price, yielding fair treatment contact production which cost of production the organic the before. b the higher than the production of general. The channel distribution side. The organic products The superblock is devil??skating large. the devils soup percent skating, medium and small. In current expansion began. Domestic sales of organic more.

Organic outstanding ? in the region.

Organic farmland in the world, which has about 231 million the profit while Thailand has about two hundred times earnings than that, so it is pushing. To support the organization screen. both the public and private agencies. agrarian organizations not seek profit associations including the Network and institutions. The new campaign the increase in planted area of ??organic fruits and vegetables including business, retail and business services organic. The center of the Middle promote markets for the organic 4 of of the The northern province of Chiang Mai. Northeastern province of Surin central and south-eastern province of Chonburi at Surat Thani and promotion for organic products of Thailand to the. Certification of products both domestic and foreign. To expand market than the rise also name was triggered market the an organized activity promote marketing products the organic least the following continuously. To industrial development Thailand organic growth sustainable.

North: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai the province where space than the parent the ranked as one of the North and the ranked second in the country Topography Generally, the area is mountain and the coppice the central plains on either side of the water management. It is area with plenty appropriate agriculture also known as Chiang Mai the hole and will the attention of the North ? tourism both in Thailand and overseas. Due to the blessings of supplied by the source tourism. Both the natural beauty. The cultural uniqueness of the Accommodation and services Attracts tourists from the North million people each year in organic. Chiang Mai counted province with goods and services organic most diverse province, such as fruits and vegetables winter farm West Pine Hotel Resort at the food drive the soup of the percent devil ??skating.

In the organic field, Chiang Mai counted province with goods and services organic most diverse province, such as fruits and vegetables winter farm, farm stay, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Shop, Supermarket.


Special urban gardening fork Or check the park sharp

The project the royal of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit established on 2540 with total area of ??260 rai than the organic garden on the unified with the cool ambience amidst tranquil surroundings supplied to the power. York Do not a large. And vegetables such as rice of the mechanical with the Wood tomato chili bean a long the fragrant Japanese in the treatment.


Restaurant Chiang Mai Organic

The smoke the distribution Domestic care of the body such the soap shampoo products spa. that has been a standard organic such as USDA, IFOAM, Bioagricert.


Rimping Supermarket

The source total sales organic variety. Both products than in local, domestic and imported value from the countries The vegetables of the substance and coffee are sorting vegetables are type of value. and other stick fighting the symbol the knowledge consumption of vegetables such as green vegetables, organic means. Growing Green not use chemicals at all stages of production or distribution pm.


Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai

Organic vegetable garden in Surrey 3,000 square meters allocated for vegetables partly raw material for the food for guests for the food staff And Brad the year of the Don Chan. The opportunity to sponsor a childs than the 800.


The salad concept store

A salad of vegetables in the form Organic range. The top of the salad oil and various  like the menu at the interesting salads, salmon, pasta, wheat the topped off with water or salad State the ear. Germain Organic Lemon pie is regard Moreover can juice extractor or coffee was provided service.


Northeast: Surin

Surin Province is one of the Northeasts the East or South landscape in general. The area has  the plateau. The mountain complex before. The characteristics of soils majority the land of the sand is warm the water the The source the oil major has The even Mun Lam water species considered source of water used useful way the agricultural cultivation, transportation and plenty to the an animal the water below. The food source of significant population. Also Surin Also known as the feast Beach process of weaving silk and rice of jasmine rice.

goods and services that the organic interest of Surin such information the jasmine rice and vegetables.


Cooperatives organic Rice fund Surin

Integration Group look at arm villagers million (the production than of 170 cases) and the Organization organizations NGOs to Ryu. mutual development of the organic rice and management the market, both domestic and foreign Cooperatives Minister located District of the city. Surin province the distribution the message that the organic. Rice bran oil Page and other organic and shade grown by organic processes through the international certifications addition Cooperatives  also  as the source of learning to solve the interest study the other as well.

Plai Organic farming

located at the district Yrsin Nakarin. Surin province Since the authorized produce and processed goods organic such information of the mechanical Kong and the white jasmine 105 organic not chemicals and toxic because through ? the process. manufacture Inspection and certification in process.


Ruenmai Baimon

The production of organic silk. The process plant for the purification the silk and woven together to produce a line of silk and silk cloth organic until certified by the European Union. (Organic Textile Standard ? Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS).


Central and eastern Chonburi

Chonburi Province is next to the Gulf of Thailands one in the east. The mountain stretches almost  the center of the province. The areas majority  the switch flat hill. Plain cotton and man sea. The northern plains of suitable  agriculture. East and south The area is adjusted at the Tien Lo to use cultivation. Plants economic importance such as the Page cassava in Point B ? the corn, pineapple, rubber, mango  the nuts in the regard Chonburi have no park waterfall beach. and Grand Island? forward? screen. The rich suitable for the tourism and fishing.

Goods and services that the organic the interests of the City, including the Page of coconut and coconut products from of the hotels restaurants .

Merit Food Products Co., Ltd.

The production and export of food canned be made from organic coconut. First in Thailand By the certified organic. in terms of cultivation and production process until the process out by organic of international institutions such as the EC 834/2007, IFOAM, JAS, USDA NOP by the Company. to promote crop diversity and maintain ecosystem services within the Far balanced. the development of innovative products by research and development. The expertise to meet the needs of the consumption. Inventories the food and drink that is important, such as coconut cream, coconut of the coconut water the new drink made from coconut of the fruit and tropical before the regard pm.


Phung Big B:

One of the Establishment Association organic beekeeping Thailand. To support the organic beekeeping at results to the standard output Phung Big B is located at Tambon Nong Pla Lai. Amphur Banglamung Chonburi province The farm is considered the bees to North large tourism in Thailand. the opportunity to visit the experience. The love of bees and beekeeping the form below. A boy in Thailand the close proximity. The farm also has a museum to bees. The knowledge The visit. In addition to serving a variety of healthy menu items and selected products bees. The quality of farm Moscow International Organic production and processing bees. OTOP products and the local unit sensitivity gathered in one place.


Rasayana Retreat : 4-star located in North Pattaya. Amphur Banglamung Chonburi blessing with zero-stop health and the Restaurants Coffee Shop using concepts food life (Raw and Living Food) is guidelines that are unique of the first. Thailand raw materials used for organic products fresh new through the washing with water purification through the ozone produced itself. Thus ensuring that the safe but even drying fruits and vegetables and cook the of the system to clear food. in the production of kitchen Rasayana own to ensure that the highest quality food.


South: Surat

Surat Thani is province in southern Upper There are large areas the ranked sixth in the country and has a history long knife with terrain ranging Surat Thani is a source the North Tourism and Parks Authority National Many d. The area covered in the Thailand. The area is sea and islands such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and pork Islands the gold. The majority of the population career as an agricultural the core using space to perform. Agriculture approximately 45 percent of the total area also work towards the fisheries, livestock and mining industries, tourism.

goods and services that the organic interest of Surat Thani such as coconut, rambutan of the hotel Resort at the restaurants .

Business organic on the island:

The island organic "Ministry of Commerce the promotion and development of farmers restaurants, hotels and other sectors of propel the development of organic agriculture Koh Phangan since the fighting 2554 to ensure a clubs organic the island. And assist with the preparation system. Check with certified organic Community part future. (Participatory Guarantee System: PGS) until certified organic farm  on the island were already than 20 of the also has developed a system of certification. Organic food menu board with the restaurants on the island and the start of the service, such that the the kitchen of gold the Natural Healing of the Food Classic. Hotel Phanganburi the the Meeting Point Hotel Phangan Chai R. the bakery Niras.

Fairhouse Villa and Spa, Koh Samui:

In the name of saving energy clear mind and be friendly to the environment environment. Both within the community and close proximity. The Resort at space than 6 profit for the farm the planting organic vegetables to be used as raw material in cooking and the remainder sold to the community. There are also activities conservation and restoration of coral to the islands tourism grow less sustainable.

Saree Samui Resort, Koh Samui

The certified Eco-Social from European the dry first Asian resorts at the design name material produced by. landscape contract the villagers in the local screen.


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