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Department of Internal Trade (DIT) created this website in order to provide services and information to the public and personnel under DIT. Visitors who use our web services will have to admit to comply with these following conditions and regulations. Therefore, prior to using our services, you should study and understand in details about conditions, regulations and/or any agreements that we post on DIT website. We need to assume that, in using our services, users have agreed to follow conditions and regulations specified in our website regarding the corresponding services. If you do not want to have commitment to follow our conditions and regulations, please stop surfing our website or using our web services immediately.
2.Conditions and regulations in using DIT website
2.1 Users of DIT website may receive, access, create, send, or display various types of data such as data files, messages, computer software, music, sound files, any sounds, photos, videos, and images. These data may be a part of our services or data that can be transmitted via our services. Such these data will be called “contents” afterwards. 
2.2 Contents that DIT provides to users may be copyrighted and may be protected as intellectual properties of the owners of the contents. Users are not permitted to change, modify, sell, distribute, or copy the contents, neither partly nor wholly, except only when being allowed to do so clearly from the owner of the contents.
2.3 Users may find some contents in this website that are inappropriate, rudely, and unsatisfactory under their own risk.
2.4  DIT has authority to screen, verify, mark, change, modify, or delete inappropriate contents from our services. For this regard, DIT may prepare tools for screening the contents without conflicting any relevant laws, rules, or disciplines of the government.
2.5 This website may stop providing service(s) temporarily or permanently, or it may terminate certain services to a particular user if such service provision makes detrimental impact to other users or causes legal conflict. In this case, DIT does not need to inform the user(s) in advance.
2.6 Such service termination as discussed in the item No. 2.5 will make the user(s) unable to use the service or access their account details, data files, and any contents in their account.
2.7 In case that DIT stop providing services permanently or terminate a certain service, DIT has authority to delete data in the accounts of users without a need of advance notice. 
3.Rights, duties, and responsibilities of users
3.1 Users will have to provide in DIT website their personal data such as identification data and contact address that are correct and up-to-date. This regulation is a part of the registration process for continuous use of our services.
3.2 Users will use services in this website only for the purpose as permitted according to regulations of DIT and only with a condition that such use does not have any conflicts with relevant laws, regulations, rules, disciplines, or generally accepted principles.
3.3 Users must not access or try to access a certain service in DIT website by using any approaches (including automatically approaches such as using scripts) other than the channel provided by DIT, except only when the user receives clear permission to do so from DIT.
3.4 Users must not interrupt or take part in interrupting services of DIT website as well as our servers and the network that is used for our services.
3.5 Users must not imitate, copy, replicate, sell, or exchange our services for any purposes, except only after the user has received clear permission to do so from DIT.
3.6 Users have responsibility to protect confidentiality of any passwords that link to their accounts in DIT web services.
3.7 Users must take sole responsibility should their regulation infringement causes any damage to any persons or DIT.
4.Links to other websites
4.1 Links to other websites are shown on DIT websites only for convenience of users in visiting those websites. DIT has no connection or authority to control or certify accuracy and reliability of their contents. Also, DIT cannot take any responsibility on contents in other websites that link to DIT website, and cannot be responsible for any damages that happen to users due to visiting other websites that link to DIT website.
4.2 In a case that another website wants to make a link to the homepage of DIT website, the owner of the website can send a statement of purpose to DIT. However, if a website wants to make a link to an internal web page of DIT website, the owner of that website has to receive written approval from DIT first. In granting such approval, DIT reserves the right to specify any requirements or conditions. In addition, when another website makes a link to DIT website, DIT will not take responsibility on contents in such website or on any damages happen from using such website.
5.Denial of responsibility
5.1  DIT will not be responsible for any damages, loss, or cost that incur directly or indirectly to any users due to their use in DIT website or other websites that link to DIT website. DIT will not be responsible for any damages, loss, or cost that incur directly or indirectly to any users due to failure, determination, defects, incompleteness, or computer virus in our website, even though DIT has been informed about such possible damages, loss, or cost in advance. Besides, DIT will not take responsibility on comments, complaints, contents, decisions, or activities of any users of our website that may cause any direct or indirect damages to other websites or other persons. Users must acknowledge and recognize that DIT will not take responsibility on consequences of any actions of them.
6.Ownership and copyright in intellectual properties
6.1 DIT (or the website grantor) has the sole right in ownership, all benefits, and all intellectual properties contained in the services that DIT (or the website grantor) developed, whether those properties are copyrighted or not.
6.2 Users must not reveal or distribute data that DIT specifies as private data without receiving written approval from DIT in advance.
6.3 Users must not use brand names, trademarks, symbols, and domain name of the website without receiving written approval from DIT.
7.Legal enforcement
7.1 Interpretation and legal enforcement of this website policy shall be in accordance with the Thai laws.


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