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 How to Label a Tag Price to Satisfy the Buyers and to Protect the Sellers from Guilty
     Instruction for Labeling a Tag Price of Goods & Services
            Due to the Central Committee on the Price of Goods and Services, presided by the Minister of Commerce, Director General of Internal Trade Department as a secretary, by virtue of the Act on goods and services price B.E. 2542 (1999) issued a notification to the retail sellers of goods in total 237 items such as rice, pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits, delicatessen, beverages, drinking water, coffee, milk, detergent, soup, toothpaste , school uniform, clothes, fertilizer and services provider in total 48 items such as beauty salon service, laundry service, nursing service, photocopy to label a tag price of goods and services, the labeling of price must comply with as follow:
  1.  Label by writing, typing on a piece of paper, wood board, mirror board, wall.
  2.  The price to label must be price per unit and will be Arabic figure or also have other language figure.
  3. Must label on obvious, open and easy to read tags of goods or service places nearby area of goods, and hang on the place which the consumer can see such as food table (if any) having message and particulars label together with the price must be Thai language or also other languages.
  4. In case condition of goods/services can not declare the price of goods/services with goods, service place, nearby area of service, must made the list of goods/services as well as declare the price/service fee, arranging at open place which the consumer can see.
  5. Upon call for other expense exceed the price or service fee such as taxes, service charge, and air condition room charge must declare such expense in obviously and exactly and display together with retail sale price/service fee.
  6. Tag price of goods or services fee must declare to conform on sale price/service fee to service providing or sales on lower price to the buyer or lower service fee that declared.
  7. In case the supplier or importer has typed/declare the price at label, packaging, wrapped object, if the seller wishes to sale in difference of retailing price from the supplier, importer must declare new price
     Violation not to label the sale price/service fee or not comply with criteria, method and condition relating to declare the price of goods/service fee or declare the price not conform to the sale price or service fee as an offence must be punishment by fine not more than 10,000 baht.
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